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If you’d like to buy any of the collages listed for sale please email

Article #15 FOR SALE £120 posted within ukSOLD

8.5 x 6.5 ” including frame, paper, acrylic and varnish

Article #16 SOLD

£120 posted within uk

6.5 x 4.5 ” including frame. paper, acrylic, marker, varnish

Article #14 SOLD

8.5 x 6.5″ including frame, paper, acrylic and varnish

Article #13 SOLD

£120 posted within UK

10.5 x 8.5 ” including frame, paper, acrylic and varnish

Article #12 SOLD

 Article #11 SOLD

– £120 posted within UK

11.5 x 9.5 ” including frame, paper, acrylic and varnish

Strange Temple SOLD

10 x 10″ including frame, paper, acrylic, marker and vanish


35.nothing ventured.JPG-for-web-xlarge

34. Dwellings about the city wall

34.dwellings about the city walls.JPG-for-web-xlarge

33. Tomb of the Wizard

33.tomb of the wizard.JPG-for-web-xlarge

32. Snwyx


31. Gondoliers

30. An alternative to letting go

27. untitled


26. Forgotten song

26.forgotten song.jpg-for-web-large

25. Celebrating the marriage of Emma Mulvey and Ben Rae

25.celebrating the marriage of ben and emma rae.jpg-for-web-large

24. Grass over the sea

24.grass over the sea.JPG-for-web-large

22. Exploding Tree

21. Poolside Lodge (better image to follow)

20. Deran


18. Deserted Desert Monorail Station

17.hall of the desert.jpg-for-web-large

17. Aspects of a city

1.aspects of a city.jpg-for-web-large

16. The palace at day and night

16.the palace at day and night.jpg-for-web-large

15. Immortal being with five decorative rods

15.immortal being with five decorative rods.jpg-for-web-xlarge

14. Window-song of friends – for Sarah Hill on her birthday

12.for sarah.jpg-for-web-xlarge

12. B+W Action Collage for Brittanic Gamma Lantern 

14. action collage for brittanic gamma lantern.jpg-for-web-xlarge

11. New Alive Year – for Ben Wayman

11 tea pendulum new year wax.jpg-for-web-xlarge

10. Harbour scene – for Bethan Maddocks on her birthday

for bethan.jpg-for-web-xlarge

9. Gallant Orbiteer – for Ben Jones on his 40th birthday

9.gallant orbiteer.jpg-for-web-large

8. Ancient Data – for Rhodri davies on his 40th birthday

8.for rhodri.jpg-for-web-xlarge

          6. Vines, Flippers and Dippers           

         – for Sarah Hill on her birthday     – 


7. Amulet Reindeer Orbit
  for Sally Pilkington on her birthday

       7.for sally.jpg-for-web-large

5. Void In The City

5.void in the city.jpg-for-web-xlarge

4. Pale Giantess

pale giant second.jpg-for-web-xlarge

3. Child In Rags

3.child in rags.jpg-for-web-xlarge

2. Las Vegas Peach Light

1. Hare Skyscraper

1.hare skyscraper.jpg-for-web-xlarge